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Beijing Travel Guide

Travel guide and information for visitors to Beijing, China. Includes a general introduction to Beijing and information about hotels, restaurants, activities, events, and visitor attractions in Beijing.

Wikipedia Intrododuction to Beijing

Hotels in Beijing

Attractions in Beijing
- Beihai Park
- Capital Museum of Beijing
- The Forbidden City
- Great Wall of China
- The Hutong
- Yonghe Temple (aka Lama Temple)
- Ming Dynasty Tombs
- Summer Palace
- Temple of Heaven
- Tiananmen Square
- Yashow Market

Theaters in Beijing
- Capital Theatre (Beijing People's Art Theater)
- Century Theatre
- Changan Grand Theatre
- Chao Yang Theatre (Chinese acrobats)
- China Puppet Theatre
- China Theatre
- Exhibition Theatre
- Haidian Theatre (Zhongguancun area)
- Huguang Guild Hall (built in 1897)
- Imperial Granary
- Lao She Teahouse
- Liu Laogen Grand Stage
- Liyuan Theatre (Peking Opera)
- Mei Lanfang Grand Theatre
- National Grand Theatre (Tianamen Square)
- Nationality Culture Palace Theatre
- Night Show Theatre (dinner theater)
- OCT Theatre
- Penghao Theatre
- People's Liberation Army Opera House
- Poly Theatre (Beijing Poly Plaza)
- Red Theatre
- TNT Theatre ( Nine Theatre )
- Tiandi Theatre
- Tianqiao Theatre
- Zhengyici Theatre (historic wooden stage theater)
- Baguobuyi Restaurant (dinner and face changing show)

Activities in Beijing
- Shopping in Beijing

Beijing Travel Guides
- Visit Beijing
- WikiTravel Beijing Travel Guide
- Beijing Trip Dot Com

Beijing Attractions by Name

Ancient Observatory

Bai Cao Pan Park
Ban Bi Dian Forest Park
Bei Hai Park
Beijing Amusement Park
Beijing Aquarium
Beijing Art Museum
Beijing Bai Wang Shan Forest Park
Beijing Big Bell Museum
Beijing Botanical Garden (Cherry Valley)
Beijing International Art Palace Gallery
Beijing Jin Xiu Da Di Agricultural Garden
Beijing Museum of Ancient Architecture
Beijing Museum of Natural History
Beijing Planetarium
Beijing Underground City
Beijing Wax Museum
Beijing Zoo
Black Dragon Pool
Blue Zoo

Caribbean Lagoon
Chao Yang Park
Chao Yang Theater
China Art Archives and Warehouse
China Aviation Museum
China Millennium Monument
China Puppet Theater
China Sports Museum
China World Trade Center
Chinese Ethnic Culture Park
Chinese Military Museum
Chinese Museum of Science and Technology
Confucian Temple
CourtYard Gallery
CVIK Club Health Center

Da Yang Shan Nature Reserve
Da Zha Lan Alley Shopping Area
Design Museum
Di Tan Park
Dingling Underground Palace
Dongsi Mosque

Eight Sites Park

Fa Hai Temple
Factory 798
Five Pagoda Temple
Forbidden City
Former Residence of Mao Dun
Former Residence of Soong Qing Ling
Fragrant Hills Park
Friendship Hotel Pool

Ghost Street
Gou Ya Valley
Grand View Garden
Great Wall at Ba Da Ling
Great Wall at Huang Hua
Great Wall at Mu Tian Yu
Great Wall at Si Ma Tai
Great Wall Museum
Guo Mo Ruo Memorial Hall

Hong Ling Jin Park
Hou Hai

Jian Guo Men Shopping District
Jiao Zhuang Hu Underground Tunnel War Remains Museum
Jie Tai Temple
Jin Hai Lake Area
Jing Dong Great Gorge
Jing Shan Park

Kempinski Health Club

Lama Temple
Lao She Memorial Hall
Lao She Teahouse
Lao Xiang Feng Forest Park
Li Yuan Theater
Ling Mountain
Liu Li Chang Cultural Street
Long Mai Hot Springs
Lu Xun Museum

Mao Ze Dong Mausoleum
Marco Polo Bridge
Mei Lan Fang Memorial Hall
Miao Ying Temple
Milu Deer Garden
Ming Dynasty Wax Palace
Ming Tombs
Minority Cultural Palace
Mount Yun Meng
Museum of Ancient Pottery
Museum of Chinese Agriculture
Museum of Chinese Coins
Museum of the Xi Zhou Dynasty Capital

Nan Tang Catholic Church
National Aquatics Center
National Art Museum of China
National Museum of China
National Stadium
New Otani Chang Fu Gong
Nine Dragons Amusement Park

Old Summer Palace Ruins
Ox Street Mosque

Prince Gong's Palace
Purple Bamboo Garden

Qing Liang Valley

Red Gate Gallery
Red Snail Temple
Ri Tan Park

Shi Du Park
Shi Hua Dong Cave
Silver Fox Cave
Silver Mountain Pagoda Forest
SOHO New Town
Song Shan Nature Reserve
St. Michael's
Stone Scripture Hill
Summer Palace
Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall

Tai Ping Yang Underwater World
Tan Zhe Temple
Tank Museum
Temple of Enlightenment
Temple of Great Charity
Temple of Heaven
Temple of the God of Tai Shan
Temple of the Origin of Dharma
Temple of the Recumbent Buddha
Temple of Wisdom Attained
Tian Chi Canyon
Tiananmen Gate
Tiananmen Square
Tuan Jie Hu Park

Wang Fu Jing Shopping Area
Workers' Stadium

Xi Dan Shopping Area
Xiang Shui Lake
Xu Bei Hong Museum

Ya Ji Mountain
Yan Huang Art Museum
Yan Qi Lake
Ye San Po Valley
Ying Dong Pool
Yu Yuan Tan Park
Yun Ju Temple

Zheng Yang Gate
Zhong Shan Park

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