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Sports in Afghanistan

Information about sports in Afghanistan. Includes the sports of soccer and cricket in afghanistan and an introduction to the ancient Afghani game of Buzkashi. The picture on this page is of the Ghazi Stadium in the city of Kabul, Afghanistan. It was taken during the stadium's 2011 grand re-opening ceremony.
Ghazi Stadium in Kabul, Afghanistan

Buzkashi: The National Sport of Afghanistan
The national sport of Afghanistan is called Bazkashi (goat grabbing). It is played by two teams on horseback and the goal of the game is to remaian in control of a goat carcass. There are two types of games Tudabarai and the more complex Qarajai.

Afghanistan Sports Resources
Information on the "Ask About Sports" Web site about sports in Afghanistan. Includes Afghani sports organizations, Web sites, and Articles.

Afghanistan Sports Organizations
- Afghanistan Olympic Committee
- Afghan Sports Federation

Afghanistan Sports Organizations
- Afghanistan Olympic Committee
- Afghan Sports Federation
- Afghanistan National Taikwon-Do Association
- Afghan Taekwondo Federation
- National Basketball Association of Afghanistan

Afghanistan Online: Sports in Afghanistan

Afghanistan Online: Sports in Afghanistan

Wikipedia "Sport in Afghanistan" Article

Wikipedia "Sport in Afghanistan" Category

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